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7 Must-Do Tips to Declutter your Home

Home is where we all go to find some peace. To have a clear mind you have to come to a well-organized home. However, at times you find yourself in a position where your home is scattered with items from one corner to the other If you were to misplace an item, it would take divine intervention to locate it Most of the times, this is due to the number of items scattered all over the house. It so happens that the items that cause all this commotion are never of so much value these are the items that you do not use often but still hoard with the hope of using them sometime in the future. Sadly, this never happens. You end up filling your home with things that would rather be in the possession of people who will actually use them. You have to declutter your home if you intend to have one that is slightly and enticing to come to Here are a few pointers that will be useful in assisting you to declutter your home hassle-free.

1. Begin with the things that you use less often

There is always a pile of items that are never in use in every home. It could be old clothes, books, furniture, toys or even electronic appliances. These items often find themselves dumped somewhere around the house rooms, in the garage or store piling up dust. Honestly, most of us never get around to getting rid of such items because of the sentimental value they hold. However, if this is to happen with every gift or items we get every step of our lives, we would never have even moving space in any home. If you have items that you have not used in a long time, place them in a secluded place and give them away. For items like clothes and shoes, use the Oprah Winfrey experiment where you put clothes looking in a certain direction. Each time you wear a garment, put it back while facing the opposite direction. By the time a few months go by, you will notice that a few of those clothes will still be in the original position. Pick out those ones and give away. As for toys, pick any of those that have been completely forgotten and abandoned and donate them to someone who would appreciate them!

2. An item a day keeps the clutter away

If putting things in a box and giving them away is too traumatizing for you, how about giving them away one by one each day? There are those obvious things in your possession that have already been forgotten. Start with those ones. Take one of these things each day and give them to a deserving person. You can visit shelters and give these things to homeless people. You can also give away items to friends, family, workmates, and neighbors who you think would be interested in them.

3. Yard sale

If you want to make a few extra pennies while at it, pick a day when you know most of your neighbors are home and sell all the junk you have. You will be surprised to see how much the pile will reduce by the end of the sale. A yard sale will enable you to kill two birds with one stone. You will make money as you declutter your home.

4. Giveaway something every time you get a new item

It is human nature to want something new That new dress or pair of shoes or cutlery you have been eyeing can be very exciting to get. However, the minute these things get home, it is obvious that another item will become less visible as it will have been replaced by the new one. Pick out the item that is most likely to be thrown at the back of the closet and give it away. The more items you buy, the more you will be expected to give away.

5. Organize one room at a time

Unless you live in a studio apartment, it is not advisable to declutter your home in one day. Not only will you miss so many things as you try and go through the whole house by dusk, but you will wind up very exhausted as well. A good way to do this is to pick a day to organize every room. This means that you will focus on each place separately. The ample time available will enable you to turn the room upside down from one corner to the other. While cleaning out the rooms, organize your items in order of priority. The things that you use often should be placed within reach, while those that are not used constantly can stay at the back of the shelves.

6. Give yourself a deadline

The essence of doing this is to avoid procrastination. You might feel tempted to skip the decluttering process and do it weeks or days later. Choose a realistic timeline, which you are sure will work for you. While at it, make a detailed list of the things you are holding that you want to give out and whom or where you intend to dispose of these items.

7. Set aside a reward for yourself

The reward is to be received after you declutter your home. This will give you the motivation to clean out the house from top to bottom. Ensure that it is something worth-while otherwise you may end up giving up halfway through the job. Also, avoid the urge to award yourself before the job is done.


Decluttering can prove to be a tedious task. However, with proper planning and time management, it can be done in a few days. You will feel refreshed and Unjumbled! A clear house is a clear mind and you’ll relish in the new found space.

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