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The Ultimate Guide to Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Why Over the Door Shoe Organizers?

Sometimes storage can take up more space than intended, which if you think about it, kind of defeats the purpose of storage itself. If you are like me, and you want your space to be organized and tidy, but not looking like a warehouse, you will find yourself loving over the door shoe organizers.

What to look out for when choosing over the door organizer:

Materials - Will it stand the test of time because it's made well using high quality materials? Or is it cheaply made and will fall apart if more than one pocket is full?

Quality of hooks - are they thin plastic ones that will break quickly, or durable metal ones?

Number of hooks - the fewer included, the less stable and robust the product is. Look out for four holes and hooks across the top of the organizer, which is definitely the best.

Does it come with a guarantee?

How big are the pockets? Will they even fit a shoe? If so, what size?

Do the number of pockets meet your needs? The most popular over the door shoe organizer has 24 pockets, but there are smaller versions available with 10 pockets or a 22 pocket version that has the added benefit of 2 double sized pockets at the bottom.

How can I easily test if my door will close with the hooks over them BEFORE I buy an organizer?

Measure the width of your door to make sure the hooks included with the over the door organizer are wide enough for your door. A good way to check whether there is enough space between your door and the doorframe is to put a nickel on the top of your door. If your door closes without the nickel falling off, an over the door hook will fit over your door allowing it to close.

Just for shoes? No!

It may be called an over the door shoe organizer, but the word shoe could be deleted, and you have an effective means of storing products without cluttering up your space.

Cleaning Products

Instead of using a whole shelf or cupboard, you can store bottles, tubes, and tubs of all sizes neatly. Be creative with it, if you cut two or even three of the pockets at their bases, you can store longer items like vacuum attachments there.

Socks and Scarves

As it fits on the inside of a wardrobe, it opens up so much space within. Store your socks, hosiery, scarves and any other bits and bobs for a flash of colour too.


Play peekaboo with toys of all shapes and sizes, apart from giant pandas, of course. Those little heads that stick up from out of the pouch look so cute, like a kangaroo with multiple pouches. You could even stick a picture of the head of a kangaroo above it!


Long gone will be the days that you have a drawer filled with random tools in a big old mess. Or a box that looks equally messy. Cables, rolls of tape, spare plugs, you name it, it can be stored in this organizer.


Once again, this item is your space saver, and does a neat and tidy job of it. Keep your bottles, jars, and pouches of goods in it. Not only is it good for dried goods, but fresh products too. Keep your fruit and vegetables inside for maximum handiness, and minimum fuss. Remember that the fabric is breathable and quick to clean.

Wall Feature

Use stick on hooks on the wall and hang it anywhere.

Office Gear

Whether it is your stapler, or important notes, put a label on each pocket and you have a hideaway office just behind a door or cupboard. With this kind of efficiency in space saving, you can focus on your work at hand, and not be bothered by stuff lying around and mounting up.

Arts and Crafts

Are you a knitter? Look no further for a perfect place for your yarn. Are you into crafting?

For crafting or DIYing, with this organizer, all your necessities have a comfortable, safe, and strong home.

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