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Top 5 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze, Starting Today!

The task of spring cleaning can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t wait until the flowers start blooming to tackle everything at once. Instead, cut down your monumental chore list a little bit at a time. These top five tips are sure to make spring cleaning a breeze – and you can start today!

1. Finish Up First. The unfortunate truth is, most of the spring cleaning challenge is cleaning up after your winter woes. Spring and summer are the seasons of completed projects while fall and winter often only see the start of great ideas. When life gets busy and energy is lacking, it’s easy to tuck away projects with the promise to finish it later. Before you start tackling new projects and adding to your chore list, finish what you already have in the works. Is there a painting project hidden under a tarp in the back of the garage? Finish it or scrap it! Is the junk drawer bursting with dead batteries and lightbulbs that you said you were going to replace? Complete the work or clean it out. Take advantage of your original initiative and add in momentum to finish up your half-complete projects!

2. Smaller Projects First. If one of your annual goals is a complete wardrobe overhaul, prepare for the big day by knocking out smaller tasks that you can finish in just half an hour. Try untangling and sorting your jewelry with a hanging organizer today and pairing up the socks in your drawer and throwing out the ones with holes tomorrow. It only takes one small piece at a time to finish the larger puzzle!

3. Lighten the Load. Sit down and dream up every single thing that needs to be done around your house. Create a list with two columns – one for simpler chores (sweeping the garage, cleaning the fridge, donating old clothes) and one for the challenging tasks (cleaning the gutters, washing the windows, painting the guest room). Making a tangible list not only helps you keep an eye on what needs to be done, but it also allows you to keep track of the bigger projects. Knock out one of the large projects this weekend and lighten the load on the heavy side of your list.

4. Set a Schedule. Maintain a cleaner, more organized home year-round so that there’s not as much deep cleaning required. Setting a regular chore schedule makes it easier to track when things were last cleaned and breaks up the stress of throwing a whole day away for chores. Imagine if you spent 10 minutes dusting every Monday, 20 minutes sweeping the house every Thursday, and 30 minutes cleaning the bathroom every Sunday. You’ll spend less time scrubbing when you only have to maintain!

5. Praise Progress. Housework can be a thankless job. Praise your progress with motivating sticky notes, pampering sessions, or small splurges for your hard work. Also, be sure to check off your chores as you complete them to watch your dream spring cleaning list shrink long before it’s time for the big day.

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