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What Do You NOT Do When Decluttering?

Decluttering gives you more space, makes cleaner easier and is great for your mind. A clear and organized home makes relaxing easier and gives you more time to focus on the important things in life. So, how do we get to this point? For starters, we don't do these things:

DON'T tackle the whole house at once! Decluttering can be a big job and taking it step by step will make it a much less daunting task. Go through area by area and after finishing one whole room, only then move onto another.

DON'T keep things you don't need, don't use or are broken. Unless they're sentimental items (really sentimental) or things that you envisage using in the next 6 months - donate to charity or if not donation worthy, get them in the bin.

DON'T go out and buy a tonne of storage containers and boxes before even starting to declutter. Sort and organize first so you know exactly what sort of storage you need.

DON'T declutter things once then never look back. Don't let it all go again once you've put in the hard work! Weekly and even daily decluttering is necessary for areas/things used on a regular basis, including the living room, entryway, trash cans, fridge and laundry - to name a few!

DON'T procrastinate any longer! Get decluttering and Unjumbling your home today!

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